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Welcome to WikiPlantAtlas© Version 2.1, 28 August 2012.

Here you will find a collection of Atlas Portals that allow nature enthusiasts to report and locate occurrences of plants, as well as Atlas Guides that facilitate plant identification and learning.

Some of the atlas portals below were created for botany classes so that students could inventory and map plants of natural areas or campuses for class projects. Others are for a more general user community. The largest and most active portal is the Plants of PA Community Atlas, which now serves all of the Pennsylvania Flora Project records plus thousands of additional records contributed through its wiki function. Anyone is welcome to use or contribute to an atlas portal. All you need is some knowledge of where particular plants grow in the world, as well as an interest in sharing this information. If you would like to create your own atlas portal, please contact The James C. Parks Herbarium.

On 13 Oct 2012, WikiPlantAtlas© cleared the 400 K mark with records and we start 2013 with 401,701 records of plant occurrences.

Atlas Portals

Atlas Guides

Trees of the Pittsburgh urban landscape Philadelphia's Cultivated Trees Pennsylvania's Wild Gymnosperms

An illustrated digital identification guide to the trees of the Pittsburgh urban landscape.

An illustrated digital guide to the cultivated trees of Philadelphia.

An interactive key to wild gymnosperms of Pennsylvania (derived from the US Gymnosperms key at USDA Plants website.

Doug Fir's Guide to Christmas Trees

Doug Fir's Guide to Christmas Trees. An illustrated digital guide to the biology, uses, and identification of popular Christmas trees.

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